teisipäev, veebruar 03, 2009

google poetry translator

Tõlkisin mõned oma tekstid (vaadake siin blogis tagasi) google translatori abiga:

the greatest threat to the road
is luuserist rullnokk
suicidal man

remains the only hope
that their reasons
remains more of their costs
or that the life of the
safely lapib their errors


go go go
Go Go Moscow
go go go
Go Go Moscow

what you have reference to these flowers
In addition, there vereloikude
Journalists killed
they do not return

you move the right flowers
their freedom to the grave
although it is also
they do not return


seeds of the Holocaust

each bombings
Gaza soil
sown violence


who laughs last
laughs alone


rutiinides relations

Do you have a case
that the ratio of the old hands
that the solid form of bread
or if the unfermented näikse

are you thinking
from which it has been boredom
whether you own it all
temalegi or concerns about the

and then you are also ashamed olnd
as a moment in all this is through
polekski these ideas as olnd
because love is a new and pretty


21. century Stalin

people topin mouth full of sand
sry, but not the words of the soil
pesen their words by ajudesse
because I am fakin 'Humanist

externally, I am sure
topin full of soil with the foot
sry, but no information about the soil
propaganda minister, warm bread

(after using cluster munitions in passing ...)

the best tactics of the people
and wrong is a hard selgehäälne
because people believe

the best enemies tactics
they are to blame for our actions
because the world believes you

(and after the concentration camps ... and use cluster munitions, although it is never because of them)

and, in particular, I like to
after the bombing
Tiger's play siibritega


on the balance pan
There are several languages
Sweet talking about the same as
you quickly change your mind

and vice versa
you are not volatile
but adapting to the rapid

so that

you do not know the recipient
the balance pan that you have more than one language
that life changes,
you quickly change your mind


ATZ-zaa! pretty cool
fuck a whole room full of
and do not miss any!

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