esmaspäev, august 31, 2020

Best wishes

Stay young,
stay crazy,
stay sweet,
stay everyday new!

Take care of your love,
take a look at each other
and definitely
take a moment to share!

This is more a decision
than a feeling,
this is more of an effort
than just something given.

Remember that
and while all the work
have fun!
Stay crazy!
And stay fucking young!

An obvious disappointment

No, no fucking way!
Why now and not ever!
Why do you do this to me?
I thought we were gay!

It all went so well.
You had a female friend, 
a mansion and a jag - 
why not stay an all fucking stag!?

What the Fuck man!!!
We agreed we were gay.
Like “Come on Everybody” eurolaul 
we were going to call our daughter Paul.

Maidla haiku

Ragnar & Vita
sign a new page in their bond.
August weeps in joy.